Moving On

The old council flats built on a vast
spacious lawn over eighty years
ago are no longer fit for purpose.

Research has proliferated on
strengthening buildings against our
unsteady country’s earthquakes.
New laws lay down detailed building
codes for all houses to be built to
be safe when shaken or stirred.
In the last decade a series of
massive earthquakes have shaken
much of our country. All new codes
are now applied in retrospect to
public buildings with deadline
dates set in law.

So new plans are drawn up for new
council flats for our city that has
grown so much over eighty years.
Two long rows of well planned
flats shot up at the end of the
spacious lawn. Their concrete pad
floors dull the earth’s upheavals,
tall windows at each end lighten
these compact little flats.

The residents of the old flats move
into the two rows of new flats.
The first cluster of old flats is
demolished, the next two lines of
flats are built. Three times as
many new flats will fill the
spacious open lawn.

These homes are needed – the
spacious lawn is sacrificed.

Moving On

2 thoughts on “Moving On

    1. Unfortunately the severe Kaikoura / Wellington earthquakes in 2016 also shook our region greatly, although little actual damage was done then. We all know in this region that chances of severe earthquake damage in the relatively near future are high. We also have a lot of low income families and beneficiaries in a our little regional city who need low cost housing. While we regret what has been lost, we have to help these people in their need for homes.

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