Auntie Jo hangs out a big wash
after lunch while Mum prepares
dinner before driving with little
brother to the nine year old’s
horse riding class after school.

School uniforms, Dad’s work shirts
and shorts, little t-shirts, trousers
leggings big t-shirts jeans with
little brother’s muslin face cloths.
Also an amazing number of girls’
underpants found around the room
when dad stood over them while they
tidied their room, put clothes in
drawers or laundry basket, put books
treasures on bookshelves, dressing table.

As Auntie Jo pegs out tiny items on
lines in a carport never used for cars
little brother rides the big tricycle
round and round so happy that his
feet can now reach the pedals while
lines fill up with so much clothing
face cloths, towels dish cloths, tea
towels flapping in the afternoon breeze
from lines sagging under their weight.
Now the outside rotary line is
weighed down with sheets, pillow
cases flapping, cracking in the wind.

After a breezy afternoon small
items move to the airer inside
large items move rotary line
to carport for further drying.

A never ending cycle from
a non stop machine.


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