Changing Planes

Long distance travel was once
major in my life. Overseas
international airports with an
array of shops and services
provided everything you needed.

Flying around my own country
after a gap of some years I
expected to find all I needed
while in transit waiting for
my next plane. I needed to eat.

Fewer international flights passed
through here, domestic planes
ceased well before midnight. Little
call for food now, especially for a
diabetic: dried up looking sandwiches
little salad left, plenty of greasy
salty fast foods or slightly dry
but tasty Chinese food, with
edible steamed rice.

So I ate the Chinese food, and
did not check my blood sugar
level that night.

I do not want to fly in this
country again for a while.

Changing Planes

5 thoughts on “Changing Planes

  1. Understandable. I learned long ago not to depend on airline or airport food. I always carry a bag of my own trail mix, fresh fruit and such. Water, we are often forced to make do drinking what comes in plastic bottles… It just goes to show the contempt that the airlines have for passengers.

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      1. I can appreciate that, alas, experience has taught me otherwise. I was fortunate that the longest flight I have taken, served excellent meals. That was on Thai Air and a most memorable trip. We have excellent trains here in Europe so I think I shall stick with those, at least for now. It is also better for the environment.

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  2. Even a large airport can dissapoint. Lisbon 4 years ago had lovely cafes and eating places. This summer it is all fast food. I will go hungry rather than eat a McDonalds. We had a 5 hour layover, thankfully we had brought a pack of biscuits and some bread and cheese. I also ignored my blood sugars!

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