Celebratory Lunch

My sister announced a celebratory
luncheon for her “significant” birthday.
I am seventy two, a little older
than her.  Enough said.

We flew south to her distant home
city where days are shorter than
in our northern home, then
gathered at her favourite cafe
stretched through tiny old cottages
joined around a sunny courtyard.
In a separate room we did not
disrupt with our noisy uproar.

Delectable food from a wide ranging
selection was chosen, then a bottle
of wine to be shared among  few.
Sixteen year old granddaughter
forbade her father to drink – he
was driving her home. “Only one
glass while I drive,” he said.
“No , said the granddaughter.
Her Dad had no wine.

Others who wanted wine drank it.
Then some of us had …… desert !
Even the family diabetic who is
so careful to eat healthy food.

Dietary rules can be cumbersome
on celebratory occasions.

Celebratory Lunch

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