Wicked Cat

As the eight year old organises
her books, stickers, pencils
rubber at the dining table for
after school maths, reading, origami,
a loud yell erupts from the dining
room as one bad cat jumps on to
the table, walks across it scattering
objects spread out for work.

This complete opportunist is
alert for food smells which often
waft from the dining table. Kitchen
smells are delicious too. The black
and white cat at afternoon tea time
starts watching for dinner from his
favourite dining chair by the kitchen
doorway with a view straight
through to the kitchen to his bowls
in the laundry, under the raincoats.

A solid tom cat he can out stare
the eight year old while Mum
is out, while Auntie Jo is in the
depths of the shelves, boxes, toys
filling the playroom, finding a ruler.

As she returns the black and white
cat drops to the floor, flees outside.

Wicked Cat

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