After School

“Extra school !” stated the
eight year old emphatically,
finishing her afternoon tea.

True. The only way out of this is
through it. Last year we found
she had eye brain connection
difficulties, poor co-ordination,
balance, poor ball and bat skills.
Some of the many problems all
loaded together under a strange
catch all term – dyslexia.

Those caught up in this maelstrom
of twisted non connected brain
wiring, all have different
twists and connections.

After many years of teaching
Auntie Jo can only guess at the
eight year old’s experiences. The
child can not explain it herself.
She has not experienced these
brain connections working well.

Now she reads well yet still
has nervousness, unease, reading
and writing maths, replies cheekily.
Though doing well she is uncertain.
Auntie Jo powers through the maths
session regardless. On to reading,
the eight year old calms down,
reads well. After half an hour of
“school”  they start origami.
She is her usual feisty self again.

“It isn’t fair you have to do it,”
says Aunty Jo. “But we know
how it will be when you grow up.
It would be even less fair for
us not to do extra school.”

After School

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