On To The Market

Nana has bought a new young
house that will not tax her life
so bedevilled by her weak heart.
She bought it at a hot current
market price now she must sell
her old home at a hot market price.
Aaaarrgghhh !

Mum and Dad help, student job centre
students are called in, all work hard.
Nana works harder than her heart
would like to work. Grandchildren’s
books and toys, extra furniture,
kitchen equipment are all loaded
on to the trailer, put into storage.
Walls are cleaned, ceilings, floors
swept, vacuumed, bathroom and
kitchen scrubbed, furniture,
dusted, polished, placed carefully.

The garden is trimmed, pruned,
weeded, mowed severely.

All in nine days !!

Nana is exhausted already.

She hasn’t even moved house yet.

On To The Market

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