Moving In

Our new neighbours moved into
the front flat over the weekend
with vast quantities of furniture
boxes chattels that had the rest of
us staring. We all had our moving
in horrors with trucks, trailers, boxes,
furniture, carting to and fro.
But this was different again.

Our new neighbours’  truck poured
worldly goods into their front flat
at quite a rate, in large quantities.
Now our driveway settled down,
we thought, but we were wrong.
All afternoon that truck came
down our drive with load after
load after load of chattels to
cram into the garage, squished
together like a rubik’s cube.

After each unloading the garage
roller door was dragged down, held
down until the latch clicked shut.

Over the following week boxes,
plastic bags flowed out their back
door, boxes to and fro between
flat and back garage after
sorting, re-organising, disposing.


Moving In

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