A Worm

A worm looped across my living room
carpet, laid eight years ago still
sturdy holding the room’s warmth
but surely irrelevant to an earth
worm’s needs for rich damp soil.

I knew it had its opportunity that
wet Saturday afternoon when my
front door leading into my living room
was opened to admit my visiting friend,
left open for fresh air while the rain
stopped, while my friend moved her
car to allow the neighbours to drive
out, then while we walked to her car
out on the street to say goodbye.

Yet why would a worm leave the
cool moist soil of the little garden
by my front door, inch by inch on
to the step, on to my carpet, cross
it towards my kitchen door.

This is the third worm I have
removed in a week. Very puzzling.

A Worm

10 thoughts on “A Worm

  1. We have a snail in our lounge — we see dried slime trails on the carpet early in the morning about once a month. Can we find him/her? No!

    We plan to redecorate in the autumn, maybe we will locate the beastie’s lair. God knws that the food supply is……

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