Out Of Her Shell

The nine year old was an edgy
child, a nervy child, a worrier.
She cried when Mum left her at
preschool, then at school even after
a term of weekly preschool visits.

When she finally settled into her
five year olds’ class she was
found to be a very able pupil
progressing well in reading,
writing, maths, though somewhat
jittery in her perfectionism.

A matter of fact teacher calmed
her down in her third year. She
blossomed in her last term in
new horse riding classes with
behind scenes advice from Grandma.

The same teacher in her fourth
year was impressed with all the
horse stories, pictures, and new
blooming brilliance in mathematics.

Now the nine year old is right
out of her shell excelling at
class camp walking ropes ten
feet up in the trees, abseiling
down a ten foot tower.

She will always be edgy
but now her abilities flow.

Out Of Her Shell

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