Third Birthday

Being born on 29 February
little brother’s birthday is
problematic some years so his
parents chose 1 March for the
day on those in between years,
For his third birthday they
excelled themselves with treats.

On 28 February the concrete truck
came down the drive, poured
foundations for the new site of
Dad’s prefab office by the fence.
Little brother was wide eyed.

On 1 March a truck with a crane
on its back drove on to the back
lawn.  It lifted Dad’s office from
patio to lawn, then on to its
new foundations by the fence.
Little brother was ecstatic.

He had been kept home from
playgroup so these sights could
enrich his life and education.
His parents also knew that they
would have been in dire trouble
if he had come home to find these
jobs completed in his absence.

They were still living down the
morning when the mowing man
mowed the lawn while little
brother was out with Grandpa.

Third Birthday

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