The Sand Pit

Little brother’s beloved sandpit
lay at the front of the house
by his sisters’ playhouse.
But as they grew older, found
other pastimes they kept him
company there less and less.

Mum and Dad agreed to move the
sandpit round the back in sight of
kitchen and living room windows.
One Sunday afternoon they pulled
up the trailer beside the sandpit,
shovelled the sand into it while
little brother, distraught,  howled
……  loudly.
He could not understand at two
years old when they said they
were moving it round the back.

When they put its frame on the
trailer he sobbed, begged them “Don’t !”
When they piled sand pit toys on
top he was speechless, bereft.

Dad pulled the trailer away
Mum followed with spades
holding little brother’s hand.
Round the back toys were
unloaded, the frame set in place
sand shovelled in, toys replaced.
Little brother’s nose and face were
mopped yet again for one last time.

Then he gazed ecstatically, and
with shrieks of joy began
digging in the wonderful sandpit.

The Sand Pit

17 thoughts on “The Sand Pit

  1. Why didn’t they draw him a picture where they were going to put it? Or even have him be a part of the process and let him pick a spot ? Instead of giving him all this anxiety? Even little kids can understand moving things…I hope they never move out of their house-it’s going to be traumatic for him…I liked your discriptions in your poem

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    1. Our two year old visited houses, helped to pick the final choice (!), packed his toys and STILL howled when we got to the new house and unpacked his toys in an unfamiliar room. It is amazing what two year olds do and don’t understand…….but they rarely retain any memories of these early traumas, thank goodness.

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      1. You are right…I still think they could of included him in the process of moving the sandbox. Talked it out…showed him where it was going..Put a big X on the spot…so that he knew it wasn’t disappearing…they could of even given him the first shovel of sand to put it back into the box after it had been moved…

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      2. True. They just did not think it would be a big problem. He was there all the time the parents were doing the moving but he was too upset to even carry sandpit toys round the back to the new site.


      3. Usually they explain everything to him beforehand, but they just thought that such a small move would not be problem. But he is over it now and often plays in his sand pit.

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    2. It never occurred to them that there would be any problem. But I am sure they will remember this for any future moves. They usually tell him everything that is going to happen, in detail. I am glad you liked the descriptions.

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    1. What a picture you portrayed. We have a two year old that used to love to come to our Bible study with her Momma and lots of Grandmas. Then Mom had a baby brother, so they were away for a few weeks. When she came back, she was not the same little girl-now shy and afraid, protective of baby brother. She’s improved some, but still a bit hesitant.


    1. Thank you very much. The parents here usually do explain everything to him, but really thought that with such a short move that little brother would have no problem with the move. He now frequently plays in the sand pit in its new site quite happily.

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  2. I found out the littlest one’s sleep schedule is way off now, and the mom is exhausted. Dad’s working lots of hours, so she’s on her own quite a bit. The two year old feels the difference and is clinging to her mom big time when things are the least bit off. She’s relaxed with us quite a bit until this last week when we had a minor emergency that her mom stepped in to help with. Ah well, my mom used to say, “This too shall pass.”
    Hope you’re doing well.

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    1. At least you are there to help. This little fellow has had his problems which has caused his mother problems and lack of sleep while poor Dad is working long hours. The more it goes on the more it goes on. This family is coming right and I hope yours do too.

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