The Kitten

Archibald the tabby cat lived
with Joan in her suburban flat
on a quiet tree lined cul de sac.
He had a cosy bed in the living
room though he often stretched
out on cushions on the couch.
Also fat full cushions on cane
chairs soaked up sun in the
conservatory out of the wind.
Outside trees shaded a pleasant
garden, a terrace took in sun.

Joan went to work every day
leaving Archibald to enjoy
his comfortable surrounding.

One Saturday as Joan swept
her kitchen cleaned her bathroom
vacuumed her lounge and bedroom,
Archibald walked in with a small
black kitten. They looked at the
food bowls in the kitchen, at the
bed in the living room, and the
comfortable couch. Then they
settled to sleep on a conservatory
chair, tightly curled up together.

Joan asked round the local streets,
no one had lost a black kitten.
She only wanted one cat, tried to
give him away, no one wanted him.

Archibald has kept his kitten.

The Kitten

5 thoughts on “The Kitten

    1. I think it is very likely that Archibald met his kitten among the feral cat colony on a large bushy reserve down the road, along the banks of a meandering muddy creek. In the wild mother cats abandon their kittens by the time they are twelve weeks old, So the kitten being left to fend for itself more and more just attached itself to the friendly visitor. Joan really did try to get rid of him, could find no owner, so I think that is what happened. If she did keep him she would have had to get him thoroughly checked at the vet’s. I moved away soon after this episode.

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