End Of An Era

An era ended last Saturday.
Our long time neighbour in
our block’s street front flat
went to live in a faraway city
where his two children settled
with partners and grandchildren.

His eight years here covering
my seven years have passed
so fast, his steadiness anchored
our little community as other
tenants ebbed and flowed.

His six day work weeks recently
shortened to five day weeks,
steadily constant, broken only
by long weekends visiting his
roving children settled far away.

This year sharp pains exploded
in one week to cripple his hips
abruptly halting his work days
constantly driving around town,
ejected him from his driver’s seat.
Limping cautiously moving his
joints as best he could, working
was no longer possible.

Our lives will have a strange
gap for a while until he recedes
behind the swirl of new tenants,
new happenings, life ongoing.

End Of An Era

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