Two weird little gadgets check
diabetic blood sugar to show
levels of microscopic sugar
particles sludging through the
blood stream gradually sinking
to the soles of the feet, slowing
down that vital flow of oxygen
minerals, nutrients through the body.

Three monthly blood tests show
what was in our blood stream for
those months but not which foods
which our bodies do not readily process.

So one little gadget pricks the
finger tip deeply, drawing blood.

The other little gadget reads the
level of those microscopic particles
after a meal, shows which foods
leave high or low levels behind.

My great great grandfather died
of diabetes and gangrene in 1885
he had no blood tests or gadgets
to show what was in his blood.

My sister says that is too long ago
to count as part of our genetic lottery.

I am gradually reducing tingling and
numbness in the soles of my feet.


4 thoughts on “Gadgets

    1. Thank you. Yes this particular set of exercises are working really well for me. Talking to others I am sure making my own muesli with whole grains and seeds are really helping me too, especially making the base half rolled oats and half buckwheat. I just wish my GP and diabetes nurse understood what I am talking about.

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      1. I love buckwheat – just placed an order for unhulled groats to process into flour for making noodles. I think making ones own – rather than consuming store-bought – is itself part of the healing process.

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