Heart Rate

The insidious invader diabetes
presses on as I work to reduce
its shoals of microscopic sugar
particles through my bloodstream.

My diet changes achieve some of
this so now I work on fitness
exercises to keep my heart pumping
keep my blood flowing steadily
while loaded with its extra cargo.

My blood flows more easily
as my heart beats faster. The
more I stretch my muscles the
clearer the highway for my blood.

So I stretch twist bend move
side to side, up and down
round and round daily keeping
moving to free up my circulation.

I am working to prevent the
diabetic gangrene that ended
my great great grandfather’s
life …… in …… 1885.

Heart Rate

5 thoughts on “Heart Rate

  1. It is not the sugar that creates diabetes. It is the lack of insulin, that converts it into energy. Yes, not good. For unused sugars in the blood. Which gives the emphasis on reduction. Sugar not really to blame? Cheers Jamie.

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      1. I did try reducing carb and protein (fat) intake when I was first diagnosed, and very soon found I was STARVING by 10 pm each night. I have now got the intake sufficient to stop that, but my hbA1c count has crept up on the same diet. medication increased a little. ..likewise … sigh.

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      2. For us now the battle never ends. Nor will it. Sad but true. All we may do is our best. Beside, I find those guides just that; guides not bibles. We made it this far? My meds rose also. Doctor said normal. Adjust insulin as you see fit. I don’t do Metformin. I do insulin. Mine went up and up, over a year or two, unrelated to weight. Then after that recipe I shared with you. It My levels returned to near normal and my insulin use went down, along with it. That was a year ago. My next blood test A1C next week. Cheers Jamie

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