I do like potato with my dinner
boiled baked roast mashed with
cheese or butter, milk or gravy.
Better still with two or three of them.

At least I used to eat it like that.
These days as a diabetic usually
I eat it plain with olive oil
margerine drizzled on top.
Occasionally baked or roasted.

I have given up cake ice cream
biscuits chocolate sweets fizzy drinks.
I hardly ever touch any of them.

The family health professionals
told me to give up potato too !!
No! that ultimate sacrifice is too much !!

I love potato !!
i will always eat it !!
E-ve-ry day !!


7 thoughts on “Potato

  1. Starch through carbohydrates, is important for everyone. Though too much helps to pack on weight. You’re doing the right things. Having done all this too, I shared some experience of this also.

    It has been written elsewhere that Diabetes is a condition bought on by life’s hazards. Chemicals, etc? That the management of diabetes is fast becoming an industry, like Cancer cure? If the two problems were fixed? It would deny many of income. As we age we have more relaxed approach to life and the attendant dangers of it.

    Potato is nice as are sweet potato and yams. The red sweet potato obviously more so, from the beta carotene. We have a lot of rice here, too. I like many things. Just broccoli for supper would be one. Steamed with cheese grated and butter with salt and pepper. We all need salt. Make sure it is unrefined sea salt. It has magnesium left in.

    Lately my focus has been on dried beans, lentils, and polenta corn. This weekend i am making refried beans; last weekend it was cowpeas. Before? French Lentils. My wife Ofelia is a Filipina, so she enjoys her fish and rice, She also makes some fermented food, to aid her gut problem.etc. For thousands of years we have used herbs and other home remedies. Even for diabetes and cancer. A simple cure would deflate many budgets Chemicals from a lab, help too but a lot of vested interest going on there.


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    1. Our Diabetes New Zealand dietary guide is a very helpful guideline, I find. Soon after my diagnosis I tries cutting out lots of various foods and ended up starving hungry late evening. there is no doubt we need a wide variety of foods, and so many of them have varying degrees of carbohydrates. Each person just has to sort out what works best for them.

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