I crave crave crave crave
jaaam …… jam …… mmmm.

Fifty percent fruit mixed with
fifty percent sugar …… mmmm.
Simmered in the preserving pan.
Cooling …… cooling …… sealed
in jam jars with air tight lids.

Dangerous for diabetics
not safe for our health at all.
Shows up very bad numbers
in our regular blood tests.

Just sometimes I have a little
jam for an occasional treat.

Yesterday I had jam with a
little butter on half my
lunchtime ciabatta bun. …. MMMM !


7 thoughts on “Jam

  1. Yes, jam can be quite a vice for us. Mine is honey. Seems to work better for me, anyway. 1Tbs. Apple Cider Vinegar. 1tsp honey in a cup of warm water. Works wonders for my blood sugar levels. Cheers Jamie

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  2. I made..made ..made jam…Last year…and I still have a few left…I have two cherry trees…Red current bushes…gooseberry and rhubarb… I planted two pear trees two years ago but luckily they aren’t mature enough to bear fruit… I’m going to do it again this year. It was a great gift for anyone that crossed my path during the summer.

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      1. It’s funny…I was always scared of it…thought I would flub it up. In the end checked out one good cookbook from the library …and followed their directions..I’m not good at following recipes..Less sugar…different fruit etc. so I was surprised in the end it worked. This year I want to try using my rhubarb more and make a rhubarb salsa…It’s an idea in my head..Then sell them in the Fall. Because it’ll be so different…Someone also talked me into growing hemp in my garden for the CBD oil.I’ll even be on a an official map with the police….That definitely will be different. It definitely looks like caninbis …but it isn’t..It’s the female plant..Can’t make jam out of that!

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