Claiming His Rights

Within half an hour his
semi automatic gun killed fifty,
sent forty two to hospital for
multiple operations over many
weeks. His walking wounded
were treated and discharged.

Since his arrest he is in a
prison maximum security wing
at the far end of the country, in
solitary confinement away from
prisoners who want to harm him,
especially brown skinned prisoners.

He claims he is not getting his rights
rights. He is supplied with meals,
bed, exercise, medical care
as dictated by New Zealand law.

Internet access, newspapers, letters,
phone calls are at the discretion of
the Justice Department – all denied.

The internet hordes who cheered on
his live streamed shooting rampage,
his fellow chatroom predatory trolls
do not reach him, – nor he them.

The department has denied his
demands according to the detailed
provisions of our Corrections Act.

The judge presiding over his hearing
next Friday has banned cameras
from the courtroom to preserve
the integrity of his case.

He is losing the platform he
seeks for his campaign of hate.

Claiming His Rights

Three Women

Three women in key positions
in New Zealand now perform
key duties after a terrorist
shot many Muslim worshippers
ad Christchurch’s mosques.

Our Prime minister co-ordinates.
orders government responses, visits
the grieving Christchurch Muslim
community, meets foreign diplomats
and dignitaries, attends special
services in Hagley Park.

Our Governor General representing
the Queen carries out her
representative duties with foreign
ministers and leaders, attends
special services in Hagley Park.

Christchurch’s mayor came to
office over five years ago after
twenty three years as MP for
Christchurch East, Minister of
Immigration three years. She
grieves for deaths of people she
knew, for their sorrowing families.

Her worship the mayor co-ordinates
city responses and services, attends
special services in Hagley Park.

Three Women

The Day After

The wildlife centre’s veterinary
staff continued on their tasks
caring for sick and injured
wildlife as Christchurch set
about recovering from shootings
at local mosques the day before.

Much was spelt out on the news
about the need to have many
armed police on the streets.
Overseas such terrorist attacks
are followed by more attacks
retaliatory, copycat, punishing.

Wildlife staff gasped, stared,
as two heavily armed police
entered the centre in full
Armed Offenders Squad gear
complete with helmets, rifles.

On the reception counter the police
laid a bundle, unrolled it to show
overalls protecting a leggy
two week old pukeko* chick.

Pukekos have no road sense,
are quite disdainful of cars.
The chick’s Mum ran in front
of the police car, but the police
saved her chick, brought him in.

He is living on a foster carer’s
farmlet, eating grass and grubs,
wading happily in the swamp.

*New Zealand swamp hen

The Day After

We Crashed The Car …

Policemen on their training course
for dealing with terrorists were
sent to the central police station
for briefing on the Christ church
mosque shootings: To search for
gunmen, guard streets near mosques.

“And stop crashing cars, ”
said the sergeant for they had
crashed one previous week.

On their allotted duties two
officers near the mosque saw
a car driving strangely ahead.
They drove across the front of it
rammed it, dragged out its driver,
away from its guns and IED’s.

Grasping their prisoner on the
footpath  they radioed for a car
to take him to the central police
station, and another for themselves.

They did their arrest’s paper work
others took in the shooter’s car for
processing with its deadly cargo.

The arresting officers made another
call, “Sarge we crashed the car …. ”

They had caught the single gunman.

They were excused the consequences.

We Crashed The Car …