She moved into a smaller flat
near town, less to clean, closer
to work, better surroundings.
For over thirty years she had
earned her living, brought up
her daughter, cared for her grandson.

Now in her fifties her body
is giving up its active life.
Her family’s genes puff up
her asthma, weaken her lungs
with increasing infections.
Her fading heart strains to
walk beyond our letterboxes,
she has to drive her little car
to hospital, doctor, supermarket.

So hard to lose her independence
have the chemist deliver her
prescriptions, neighbours put
our her recycling bin, weed
and prune her little garden.

But her family’s genes fade
out in their fifties.

Another ten years on the
sickness benefit until her
old age pension starts.


11 thoughts on “Subsiding

  1. “Do not go gentle into that good night…” As long as there is breath, there must be hope and I discovered years ago that I tend to be a fighter. None of us know the exact time when it will end for us, my daughter was not yet two. But it isn’t over until it is.

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      1. Thank you. I understand more than you know and more than I choose to write on this forum. Kind regards and if the sun is up, it is another day and another chance.

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  2. It was weird pressing the star…LIKE when I didn’t like what was happening to her..I think this happens to a lot of people…I wish as women we could have a “Stop Year or two” after we’ve taken care of life and work …then we would have an established period of time where it’s relaxation and play…good health..wouldn’t that be amazing?

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    1. She certainly has mentioned the income increase she will get when she is old enough to be eligible for our old age pension. It does seem so unfair to punish her for a situation that is not her fault.

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