Dining Out

She cheerfully invited herself
to stay for my one week holiday
as I had done to her in the past..
She was recovering from a long
hospitalisation, looked forward
to a carefree holiday.

We explored my local region
on daily trips, enjoying cafes
under bright blue sunny skies.

On her last night she invited me
to dinner at a place I chose.
I knew she was thanking me
for a fantastic holiday week.

Our excellent meal lived up to
the restaurant’s reputation
both main course and desert.

Just before the final coffee
a ten ton broadside –
she pressed me hard to join
her now in her new church’s
worship, following Jesus.

I accept the right of others to
choose if and how they worship.
She does not allow me that right.

Having done what she came
to do she departed next day.


Dining Out

14 thoughts on “Dining Out

    1. I am happy for her to choose for herself. I do not accept prolonged heavy pressure to follow someone else’s particular set of beliefs. This conversation over dinner was the first time she had talked like this after twenty five years of close friendship. She has made it clear that all our conversations – which are long distance phone calls these days. – will focus on her trying to get me accept her beliefs totally, as they have for more than past decade. She is doing this to her close family members also. It may seem harsh to you, but we will all be continuing to reply as we have so far.

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    1. Very sad. I think her new church got to her while she was recovering form her operation after the aneurysm. I have twice had a letter from her minister written on her behalf. So unfair to put this pressure on her.

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      1. It was an invasion of privacy for her minister to contact you as if you were to blame. Do you ever wonder about those who guard their boundaries vigilantly yet have no problem trampling all over other persons? I’m with you and sorry you were subjected to it.

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      2. I will only say that I would write return to sender on any post from those who do not accept you for who you are. I’ve had decades of it and now celebrate more than a decade of knowing I deserve, as do you, better. Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter. Even with relatives I had to examine and say is this friendship? While we may not get the answer we thought we wanted, the truth can open new doors. I shall keep you in my thoughts. Remember, anything you say to them will not be understood or accepted unless you are prepared to give them what they want. You are worth so much more than they are capable of up on their seats of judgement.

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      3. Thank you. I think my next step will be to not reply to any letters. Her minister’s letters are enclosed in her own letters, so I can not tell which one wrote, or if indeed both of them wrote. We live far apart and these days neither of us has much money available for travelling. so she rings me occasionally. I think in future i will be hanging up on her.


      4. It was unfair of them to put this pressure on you. Yes. I understand that she has had a rough time of it with health issues but there is still common courtesy, boundaries and we all make choices and hopefully do not assume to make them for others nor bully them into it.

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