Hijabs, Headscarves

Refugees processed through Red
Cross, United Nations crossed our
vast ocean to this distant little
country seeking to live in freedom.

Among them, the first Muslims
to arrive here, their numbers
growing as their children were born.

Our active vocal racist minority
rejected them, attacking women
wearing hijabs, headscarves.

The Friday after the mosque
shootings, many non Muslim
women wore hijabs, headscarves,
bore the brunt of the racists’
poison, especially white women.

In a group interview a young
Muslim woman did not feel right
with hijabs worn for non religious
reasons. A middle aged Muslim
woman felt well supported by
many wearing headscarves, hijabs.
Another young Muslim woman
laughed, was happy for each woman
in the world to make her own choice
of headgear, welcomed the wearing
of it for any reason.

All three made their choices
freely, were appalled that
some women are compelled
to wear or not wear their
Muslim women’s headgear.

Hijabs, Headscarves

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