Friday Prayers

Friday afternoon 1.30 pm
Muslim prayer time at the mosque.
Impossible in the Christchurch
mosque with bullet riddled walls
carpets steeped in blood with
police collecting evidence from
floors, walls, the crime scene
tape closing off the mosque.

A week after the massacre Muslim
prayers must be in the park next
door to the shell shocked mosque.
Long tarpaulins in rows on the
grass, a vast rectangle setting
out a mosque under the sky.
Local Muslims are joined by others
from out of town, from overseas,
in worship led by imams from a
high platform, five thousand
Muslims worshipping together in
the park, televised nationwide.

Around them in a larger vast
rectangle many layers deep
fifteen thousand non Muslims
stand guard with armed police
against New Zealand’s neo nazi
white supremacist underbelly.
Circling New Zealand’s other
mosques at this prayer time other
non Muslims stand guard with police.

The silent majority must open
its eyes to our racism,
speak out against its horrors,
this poison in out midst.

Friday Prayers

5 thoughts on “Friday Prayers

    1. Thank you. Yes it was a great stand of solidarity. Unfortunately the racism continues, but there are many people standing shoulder to shoulder with the Muslims now. What is awful is that the Muslims here all arrived as refugees, well vetted through the usual Red Cross / UN channels. They make up only 1 % of New Zealand’s population. The white supremacists were not recognised for the threat they are, and clearly supported the gunman when he stayed in New Zealand.

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      1. It only took one white supremacist here to kill fifty people, and put 42 others in hospital for weeks undergoing many operations. He definitely had support too. I hope we have learned our lesson.

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