Procedural Hearing

He killed fifty, put forty two
in hospital for weeks,
brought deep trauma to hundreds
of distressed grieving people.

The law decrees he has a fair
trial, he demands it himself.
So strange, but it is happening.
The judge follows every exact
detail of our trial law.

From his secure prison at the
distant end of the country
the murderer attends his
procedural court hearing
via video link, sees no new
faces from his solitary cell
– kinder to his victims.

At the public hearing his victims,
some in wheelchairs, fill the
courtroom gallery, then more
courtrooms along the passage,
connected in by video link.
They came to see the face of
the killer, crying as they looked.
Some had stayed away, seeing
him again was too painful.

The prisoner sits still, emotionless.
Routine mental health checks are
ordered by the judge, defence
lawyers  accepted, legally recognised.

All setting the stage for his trial.

Procedural Hearing

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