Our tiny archipelago isolated in
a vast blue ocean hosts hordes of
seals usually on remote coastal
rocks but sometimes joining
their fellow mammals on land.

A young fur seal swam into the
bay by our capital’s airport
at 2 am then crossed the main
road to the fire station. In
daylight he was discovered
staring at traffic streaming past.
Police and conservation staff
steered him over the road, on
to the beach. He returned a few
times, but finally swam south.

An elephant seal crossed a beach
on to a farm, enamoured of its
dairy cows. Those feisty beasts
complained loudly to their farmer
who rang the authorities. Their
resulting policeman reported “He
brings a whole new meaning to
the word “halitosis !” ”  Poor cows !
Conservation staff tracked down
an extra strong elephant proof electric
fence which foiled the unwanted
suitor who finally swam away.

A young leopard seal swam into our
largest yachting marina. She butts
dinghies, wreck fenders, then plays
with them, annoys boat owners.
Conservation staff won’t move her.
Boat owners want her gone.




Bringing Crazy Back!

A very creative method for child direction.

Ninja-Mam and Sons

So after proposing in yesterdays blog that ‘things had to
change’, if you’d seen me this morning you
might have been forgiven for thinking I’d finally lost my mind!

We had a ‘typical for us’ kind of morning. I was busy ‘making
envelopes out of wrapping paper’ because that’s obviously what you do when you
realise the store that rhymes with Mazda has sold you birthday cards without
the envelopes! Squeak was busy manoeuvring his feet onto the table so that he
could put them into his cereal bowl whilst shouting ‘BABY-SAUSAGE!’ and Bubba
was making chicken noises until he exclaimed
‘ Argh C’mon’ after throwing juice all over himself and the kitchen floor.

Pretty much a standard morning for us really topped by Bubba
covering himself in mud TWICE before we’d even got on the bus. As he wiped his
muck covered hands on his ‘clean-on that morning’ trousers…

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Bringing Crazy Back!


Seen through the visitors’ viewing
window in a zoo far from their
native Africa two very young
aardvarks snuggled side by side
in a deep bed of fresh straw
their eyes closed as they slept
in comfort and deep contentment.

Trotting around them, over them,
their fellow countrymen,
small furry meerkats draped
themselves over the aardvarks
to sleep as their furry rugs
with the aardvarks  as
cosy hot water bottles.

Wonderful interspecies co-operation.


Summer Holiday Trough.

Carefree sunny summer days
after Christmas storms lightened
the nine year old’s school summer
holidays. She jumped in the
paddling pool ran through the
sprinkler read pony club and
horse books stayed with Grandma
and Grandad near the beach.

Until her horse riding teacher
finally answered Mum’s emails.
She no longer taught horse riding.

A dark cloud blackened the
nine year old’s sunny days as
Mum sought a local riding school
to accept the nine year old at
short notice in many phone calls.
Dad said an hour to each lesson
and another hour back was too far.
She must fit in the lesson and
dinner then be in bed by seven PM.

The nine year old is a past
master at panic. She stewed !

Oh the relief the day before
school started when Mum
confirmed her lessons at a
new local riding school.

Summer Holiday Trough.