He Who Shall Not Be Named

Our Prime Minister has vowed she
will not speak the name of he
who killed fifty worshippers
in a Christchurch mosque,
injured many others badly.

He streamed his semi automatic
killing spree live on social media
now seeks publicity in refusing
a lawyer, to preach his racist
hate cause in a court of law.

Our public figures and news
media do not name him in
speaking of his actions, one
calling him “He who shall
not be named.”

This terrorist awaits his trial in
maximum security at the far end
of the country from Christchurch
from the community he devastated.

In solitary confinement ?
Some would be glad to kill him,
including brown skinned prisoners.
Could he radicalise others ?
Two years ago a disruptive man
was absent from much of his
trial for killing three people.

Citizens of his Australian home
town are appalled, his family is
well liked, respected. His mother
and sister are in hiding
under close police protection.

He Who Shall Not Be Named

5 thoughts on “He Who Shall Not Be Named

    1. Me too. No doubt that will be gone into in much detail. I hope so. Fifty people are dead after a very short shooting spree, forty two people were kept in hospital for many many operations, and only half of them are out yet, two weeks later.

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    2. He has a court hearing next week, and is likely to be present through video conference from prison just north of Auckland. That will clip his wings for starters. Also he has complained to the Corrections department (prisons) that he is not getting all his rights – no internet access, newspapers, phone calls. They are not automatic rights apparently, though food, decent bed, health care and exercise are. He is getting those. A good half of our prison population are Maori & Pacific Islanders, likely to do him serious harm I would think, so he would be in solitary confinement for his own protection. He should give some thought to this matter.

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