After The Shooting

After the shooting came
the 111 emergency calls
police cordoned off
roads near the mosques.

After the shooting police
stopped ambulances at the
cordons while they checked
the shooting had stopped,
no gunmen to be seen.

After the shooting ambulances
were escorted by police
to the mosque, waited for
police to search inside
check for lurking gunmen.

After the shooting …
a river of blood
flowed down the steps
from the mosque
to the parking area.

After the shooting those
ambulance officers still see
that river of blood which
flowed on as they stepped
over dead bodies, lifted
the injured on to stretchers
rushed them to hospital.

After the shooting
they keep on seeing
a river of blood.

After The Shooting

17 thoughts on “After The Shooting

  1. Hi I would like to nominate you for the Liebster blogger award…but first I wanted to ask your permission. Can I do it? You have to answer 5 questions… ask them …nominate 3 other bloggers..cut and paste…You have time to think about it …it will be connected to No. 326 Agaze…(I’m only on 313…today..) Let me know…Therese
    p.s. I will say this poem gave me chills and almost made me cry…Well done.

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    1. Thank you so much for you appreciation. The idea for this poem came from an interview I saw on TV news. Four ambulance officers were interviewed next day and the senior one, in his forties, was still upset, and kept on saying there was a real river of blood. He had clearly never seen anything like it, and obviously has a stiff case of PTSD. The other ambos probably do too.’

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      1. I’ve been reading articles here about medics that came to the school in Florida and the school on the East Coast with the little kids..and how they are left years later trying to deal with what they saw. It’s like the first responders to 9/11 they are still traumitized.

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      2. I am sure they are traumatised still. The national police commissioner has been asked a few times how the two police officers are who rammed the gunman’s car then hauled him out on to the footpath. They were experienced officers but the car was full of guns and IED’s. Understandably they are being kept out of the public eye but it is going to hit them some time.

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    2. Thank very much for wanting to nominate me for the Liebster blogger award. Unfortunately my life outside blogging is quite full and it is all I can do to keep up with writing posts and following my favourite blogs. So I would rather not be nominated for the award. But thank you for the kind thought anyway.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi that’s why I wanted to ask you first…The first time I got one…I quietly disappeared from view…This time it just took almost an evening to figure things out..but that’s me. i totally understand.

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