How Long ?

How long ?  How long will I live ?
How long will I need my savings
– carefully accrued around
redundancies and employment –
to support my medical care ?

My father with motley genes
survived twenty years longer
than I have so far.

My mother with a poor family
medical history lived nine
years past my present age.

Nowadays we humans live longer.
Both parents survived two
death bed calls, months apart,
finally died after the hospitals’
third death bed calls.

So how long will my hard won
savings keep me alive in
our tottering health system ?

How Long ?

10 thoughts on “How Long ?

  1. The question we have faced since birth … “how long”? My take on life in general is; umm? We are all but one step away from that bus. Now the financial aspect is delicate. I/We don’t have much of value either. It will sound corny? God guides, always provides. Just needs love, for love. Time only goes one way. Plan for a long as future, as you may. Empathy or love, is sustaining. Cheers Jamie.

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  2. Hey I just wanted to say…I’m really sorry for those fifty folks that died yesterday…In NZ. What a waste…and all the levels of people from families to work spaces…to neighborhoods where they lived will now be cloaked in grief and anger. I am getting so tired of this fifteen minutes of fame thing connected to social media…that keeps happening…and this thought of taking down as many as I can and all this stupid ammunition and guns and this attitude that I’m better than all the rest…I hope you feel safe even after this. Take care…Therese

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      1. So do I. so do the gunman’s mother and sister, who are in hiding, fearing for their own safety. They never did share his racist views. More unfairness from this gunman.


      2. I also can’t stand how we attack the family of the person that does it…If family members started turning in family members they thought were racist or thought they might do something stupid…Half the world or more would be questioned. Unfortunately because of social media they will have people hassling them as well So I understand why they are hiding.

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