For the purposes of checking
the activities of our parents’
liberally gifted genes I lay on
a hospital bed under bright lights
as three blue garbed people
hovered murmuring, muttering
numbers as I wafted through
a pleasant haze.

Later after sustaining soup and
sandwiches the specialist reported
the numbers were not good.
Coloured photos of my insides
showed malign gene activity.

Our public health system
crumbles, treatment of our
parents’ rogue genes will cost many
dollars – while I still have them.


11 thoughts on “Genes

  1. The plant used by our ancestors to combat the scourge, known as cancer, was the cannabis plant. This plant that is also used to get high, is also a fantastic anti cancer cure. Does it always work? I don’t know but … see Rick Simpson, ? You may find testimonials, also? Cheers Jamie

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    1. Thank you. I am sure most western countries have declining health systems. I have been cautious with my modest savings since retiring, as my father managed to live to 91 in spite of his episode with bowel cancer. Hopefully i will not need more than I already have.

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    1. Thank you. My family are fortunate in that we found out about colonoscopies locating and removing the precancerous polyps – tiny little things – before they start spreading cancer. It all used to be paid for by the health system, but not any more.


  2. I say you fight for life…I had a good scare in 2016 with a burst appenditcs that put me in the hospital for 10 horrible day…I had one month to heal than I went in again for a growth inside .During that time I lost both parents to Dimentia and Alzhemers…talk about parents genes. A few people even said I should watch for the signs and I said no way…I’m not going to let the fear of what if…control my life… It took me 6 months to heal from the second one..and still I’m working on things related to both. I say go in …you paid for it…and afterwards create to your hearts content.

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