Summer Holiday Trough.

Carefree sunny summer days
after Christmas storms lightened
the nine year old’s school summer
holidays. She jumped in the
paddling pool ran through the
sprinkler read pony club and
horse books stayed with Grandma
and Grandad near the beach.

Until her horse riding teacher
finally answered Mum’s emails.
She no longer taught horse riding.

A dark cloud blackened the
nine year old’s sunny days as
Mum sought a local riding school
to accept the nine year old at
short notice in many phone calls.
Dad said an hour to each lesson
and another hour back was too far.
She must fit in the lesson and
dinner then be in bed by seven PM.

The nine year old is a past
master at panic. She stewed !

Oh the relief the day before
school started when Mum
confirmed her lessons at a
new local riding school.

Summer Holiday Trough.

6 thoughts on “Summer Holiday Trough.

    1. No I do not suppose it was sinister. But it really was unfair of the first riding teacher to leave them in the lurch with so little warning, She knew how keen the nine year old is on her horse riding.

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