On the wide two seater sofa
Auntie Jo read two stories to
little brother before her hay
fever throat faltered to a halt.
Little brother pressed for more
stories to no avail so played
with his new tractor until
the black and white cat strolled
in jumped up to curl up purring
beside Auntie Jo on the sofa.

Little brother left his tractor
went to the couch, pushed
at the cat who jumped down
whereupon little brother climbed
up beside Auntie Jo, sat there
a while went back to his tractor.

The black and white cat came
back, jumped on the sofa to
little brother’s displeasure.
He left his tractor, spoke
severely to the cat who stayed
where he was, purring.

Auntie Jo went out to the kitchen
to empty the dishwasher.

Issue resolved.


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