Black Squiggles

The new school year started on
her eighth birthday, to continue
her battle with strange black
squiggles on pages of books,
on whiteboards. Worst of all to
make them with a pencil in books.
Music, art, PE brought relief
but then it was back to the squiggles.

She wrote them large, awkwardly,
not sure what she wrote, seeing them
through strange cloudy distortions.

One day a week after school
she writes maths in her work
book with Auntie Jo who last
year gave her a test which
shook her up badly with so
much to write. Auntie Jo called
out equations, she wrote
them down with her answers.

Yesterday Auntie Jo gave the test
again, the eight year old wrote
steadily though her hand got shaky,
her writing large. She looked
back to other equations, used
counters, worked out answers.

Auntie Jo praised her for
keeping her cool, keeping on
writing. fixing mistakes, gave
her lots of big stickers.

The eight year old is still not
quite sure what she did so well.

Black Squiggles

8 thoughts on “Black Squiggles

    1. Yes she does. I used to teach reading recovery before I retired, as well as year one and two classes. my five and six year old classes. After a rough first two years at school, the programmes her school taught has got her reading very well. But she has difficulty reading and writing maths, which is improving as her grandfather and I each work with her one afternoon a week after school. We just need to develop her written language a bit further now.
      What does bother me as I work with her is the realisation of just how frequently dyslexia must occur out in the general community.

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      1. Yes. At least now with brain scans validating it as a real issue, children are being given help. The upside is dyslexic children exhibit a range of special talents. Great that this child is getting so much support

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      2. We have not been able to get a brain scan here, but she is now busy with all sorts of paper craft in her spare time – as well as reading ! She is also loving her hip hop dance classes.

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      3. Yes I think it counts for a lot. She sat a nationwide test for maths in early March last year, and scored very poorly. She sat the same type of test again in mid November and scored in the top 25% for her age. For five months she was getting 20 to 30 minutes with an adult after school twice a week, and three months about 15 minutes coordination and balance exercises with her parents most evenings during the week. Not enough to explain this huge jump in achievement. Support and confidence boosting have to be the explanation .

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      4. That is such encouraging news! I have a grandchild with dyslexia among other issues. She is such a unique little being. You have confirmed my belief in growing a child’s self confidence. Thank you.

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