First Family

First Baby at seven months
went on her first public
engagement with her Prime
Ministerial mother with her
First Man father to commemorations
of the treaty signing between
indigenous tribes and new
immigrant European settlers
joining thousands at the marae
the meeting place for this
treaty 179 years ago.

Powhiri greetings, speeches
formal meetings, impromptu
conversations flowed as
indigenous and government leaders
discussed complex national matters.
Today Dawn Service, marae BBQ
breakfast, formal ceremonies
then races between waka, small
and mighty ocean going canoes.

First Baby returned early
to their hotel, slept quietly
under the watchful eyes
of her devoted grandparents.

First Family

5 thoughts on “First Family

    1. Thank you very much. A news bulletin showed a clip of Prime Minister recording a little video for the party’s youth group on their facebook page. First baby was chatting loudly to her in the background. l Her father – first man – hosts a radio show and presents TV programmes, mainly National Geographic channel. She will inherit lots of talk genes, I am sure.


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