Returning To Writing

Returning to writing
after weeks away feels
strange yet ideas flow
as I look through
my ideas book jottings.

Life intervened with
health procedures, extra
special diets, more medical
appointments so time
consuming though not
major unless I do nothing.

Other family events took
further time as other members
dealt with health issues.
Also out of town visits
and visits in return.

Yet life must be lived
to find fullness, interaction
with others bring meaning
depth to writing so it speaks
to the world around it.

I had to stop writing for a while
but it is good to start up again.

Returning To Writing

42 thoughts on “Returning To Writing

      1. I have one relative who has always been very conscientiously careful with diet and exercise. she developed congestive heart disease in her small heart arteries four years ago at age 66. This can not be operated on at all. Another relative who always ate a healthy diet and exercised well, playing a lot of hockey up to age 55 when he suddenly had a massive heart attack. he had another one two years ago at 74. Both are very discouraged and I would not dream of telling them to improve their diets. Neither expected to be on so much medication. We all keep up good diet and exercise, but for some people it is a fallacy to say that that is all you need to do to remain healthy. All I can do is reassure them that they have done their best and it is not their fault.

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      2. What is being said more and more is that different individuals have different dietary requirements. What may work well for one person will not necessarily work well for the next person. I have explained my dietary adjusting in my comment Kym Whysall Hammond, who has diabetes like I do.

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    1. It really is frustrating, I agree. My blood sugars in my last blood tests had crept up, so a warning from the doctor to look at the diet or I will have to increase my medication – which gives me diarrhoea with the wrong foods. I do hope the diet changes sort it.

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      1. I have found it quite tricky to balance amounts of both protein and carbohydrates. I went to all the classes on diabetic diets etc, cut down both a lot and found I got starving hungry, and ended up eating ravenously late at night. I have gradually increased my intake of both, being very selective in my choices of both. Eating late at night is no good for keeping weight down, or sleeping. So after all the classes and printed matter I still found I had do my own fine tuning. What had happened over Christmas was that I started eating a little sweet stuff, thinking a little would not hurt. but it did. However I am fine tuning again, as well as cutting out sweet stuff, except for fruit with breakfast. Certain meal times are also best for my metabolism. We will see how all this works out. But I hope I till have some control over it all. It must be incredibly frustrating in your situation where genes take over, no matter what you do.

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      2. Aha ! interesting to hear that resistance training helps insulin response. I do go to a fitness group for retired women, but I must google what would be suitable resistance training for a 72 year old woman. I have a book and weights I used ten years ago. Maybe I can adapt what I have.

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  1. Hi do you have access to Netflix or something like that? There’s a woman in the movie called Magic Pill …that is dealing with diabetes.If you get a chance watch it. I think the title is playing on the idea of how some folks think about illnesses. In truth it comes down to life changes…food…and relaxation…along with walking. and a few genes mixed in. Glad you are feeling a bit better.

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    1. No I do not have Netflix. Living on my pension really makes me focus on spending priorities, and I stick to free to air TV programmes and DVDs lent to me by family members – the last of which was the latest “Peter Rabbit “. The great nieces thought it would improve my education. Apparently the traditional version is rather staid as you get older, especially if you read Harry Potter, and pony club stories.

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      1. Oh there were parts of the new Peter Rabbit I loved…Like the opening with the sparrows flying and the music.I didn’t think I would like it …but I watched it twice…. Does your library have a movie section? You can watch it on You tube free…The words were in English and the subtitles were in spanish…but free.

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      2. I prefer to watch my TV screen for free. Getting to the library weekly to return DVDs takes too much time. those lect to me are picked up by the lenders and returned by them.


      3. I had a friend once …when she got married he decided that he wanted a really big TV screen…(This was before the flat screens came in) It took up a whole wall in their den. And it shook the house with sound effects when it was on. It was pretty funny. I had another friend that his version was a large TV (heavy) attached to the screen…That one the accidently dropped when moving it…in effect solving the problem. We had a big TV but no one used it so I gave it to these kids for their mancave in the garage…experience…Oh well. Now I’m back to a small experience.

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      4. Not only that the choices are abysmal, similar on Amazon; which comes free with Prime. While there are some decent shows. After a while the algorithm or whatever keeps pumping the death and mayhem shows. During the summer. Unsubbed from them. Do not miss it. Cheers Jamie

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  2. My A1C has been below 7.0 for the last 6 months. Not sure what you use to measure glucose blood levels there? Started taking 1 Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 tsp of honey in 1c of warm water. Not hot, warm. It has not cured the condition but made it much more manageable. Personally? I believe it to be more environmental, pesticides? The physician says it is a sensitive organ, the Pancreas. I’m told is a very fragile organ? He also said, “if we live long enough we all become diabetic”. Now, I’m a vegetarian. In thatI do not consume warm-blooded mammals or their products. Though I find cheese to be a challenge. I eat eggs also but also use substitutes in baking, etc. The lack of saturated fats in my diet allows for butter consumption, without too much concern. I suppose it all depends? Cheers Jamie

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    1. Don’t know what scale you use there for A1C but on our scale if you are anywhere below 30 you are in deep trouble. I was starting the day with apple cider vinegar for quite a while but it made no noticeable difference. Yes it does all depend on what your metabolism does. I like eggs and think we should eat a certain amount of them but my insides do unspeakable things to me unless just keep to just eating the occasional one. I do not eat butter but I do eat Edam cheese, one of the lowest fat yellow cheeses. The Osteoporosis experts promise women all sort of nasty effects if we do not eat some dairy. I do eat meat but keep the quantities low – I tend to have a very low iron count, to the point where I now have quarterly B12 injections. What I keep hearing and reading these days is that everyone is different, what works for one person will not always work for the next person. This would make each of us us hugely responsible for our own well being.

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