Free to be Bubba

There is so much more autism being recognised these days. I am putting this out there so that it adds to the recognition.

Ninja-Mam and Sons


Yesterday afternoon NinjaMam moved around the house like a really bad imitation of ‘Kato’, you know the character from the Pink Panther movies?  It was in an attempt to be quiet because Squeak had fallen asleep on his bedroom floor, head down, bum in the air – snoring! This never happens! It’s over a year since he stopped napping in an afternoon. Oh how I miss those days.

Maybe he’d tired himself out at playgroup or maybe it was the consecutive mornings waking at 5.30am that had done him in but when we got home I didn’t even have chance to get my coat off before he announced, ‘I tired’ and practically ran upstairs. He’s played mind games like this before though.

Sometimes he’ll say, ‘I tired, go bed’ and then once in his room and the baby-gate has clicked behind him, he’ll realise what he’s done and start wailing…

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Free to be Bubba

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