In a dull cloudy haze
the bleak rocky coast
lies silent after its midnight
roaring grinding juddering
shaking falling rising.
A broad band of dead
black algae coats pale grey
rocks, broken by clumps of
limp seaweed drooping reaching
down to seawater far below.

The deep chasm stretching
out to sea from the little
coastal town lies eerie, empty
of its whales and playful
dolphins now retreated far
out to sea. Trapped by rocks
thrust upwards lie boats that
used to follow them, now
stranded in the newly molded
pond around the wharf.

A vast landslide inters
rocks where fur seals used
to bask, breed, fight, sleep.

Over rocks heaved high above
their former ocean home lie
crayfish corpses past their
last gasp, while abalone bake
in the sun, far from the newly
created high tide line.

Previously posted December 2016


21 thoughts on “Seashore

  1. Hi this is not a seashore where you lay out and get a tan…..but it does sound like the seashore a friend in Alaska tried to come in on in a Kayak she said they had to land because the sea was getting too rocky because a storm was coming in and the shore was inhospitable for landings and when they did find a relatively safe place to slide in …they noticed a huge grizzly and cub watching them …which would of been worser …so Carol said they had to back up fast go back into the sea …she did say she found the strength to get out of the area quickly and when she reached shore she couldn’t walk for 20 minutes because she had exerted “all ” of her energy to get out out of a horrible situation.Your poem was how she described the shore.

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      1. We use celsius, where zero is freezing point. Below 10 is cold, twenty upwards is warm summer weather. I find thirty upwards extremely difficult, and over forty – as in Australian temperatures – unbearable.


      2. I will google the name sometime. But those temperatures I listed are definitely what is used by the weather people on our news programmes. 32 degrees is definitely vicious and the farmers are complaining more than usual.

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      3. Whereas 32 degrees here the normal person here is happy after what we just went through( Polar vortex) 20 people died and I’m sure alot of people lost fingers and toes to Frost bite. The farmers aren’t too happy…because they are upset about the tarrifs set down by my esteemed president. The only good thing about the really cold temps is that it kills off a lot of the bugs that hang around.

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