Venetian Glasses

Six Venetian wine glasses
standing in the china cabinet
while life flows around them.
Too precious to use, to perhaps
be broken like other wine
glasses at gatherings of
twenty and thirty somethings.

An aura of Venetian shops
full of rainbow coloured
glassware, glass etched with
gold and silver suffuses these
six wine glasses, an aura of
gentle lighting reflecting a
myriad of softly frosted
droplets of shop lighting.

They recall shimmering sunny
days with twenty something
friends on our big OE,
roaming Venetian canals and
bridges, eating Mediterranean
food outdoors on leafy pizzas.

Six Venetian wine glasses
gold rimmed, delicately etched
patterns in tiny squares now
dulled, still delighting with the
memories they carry, of times
when youth’s chances were
lived to their fullest.

Previously posted December 2016.


Venetian Glasses

9 thoughts on “Venetian Glasses

  1. Hi your poem reminded me of how many kids I met in Italy from Australia…I thought it was amazing their parents let them go off to travel around the world. Some of the women were by them selves. But then again, it gives you a hugely different point of view about the world. For example Americans that have only left America to go to Mexico and stay in a resort area for a week . Totally different. Your poem also reminded me of my mom’s crystals stored high up but not used.

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    1. For us to get anywhere from this end of the world we have to go long distance, though it is only few hours air travel between New Zealand and the east side of Australia. Also many of us have ancestors who emigrated here no more than 150 years ago. Europe is our origins for many of us.

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      1. No I travelled for 18 months in between jobs at home. I was in my mid twenties at the time. However I did meet other British Commonwealth young people aged from 17 years upwards, in the UK and going around Europe.

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      2. It’s funny it’s not something that parents here in the US. seem to let us do…but when I met the young people they acted like it was a normal thing. I only got to Italy because of an art scholarship. I’m not sure I would of gotten to travel like I did without it. Now days young students do it …but when I was younger it was like you were going to Mars. Weird Uh? I find most Americans are small minded when It comes to the rest of the world …I think because they never lived not just traveled in other countries.


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