After The Horses Bolted

After the horses bolted
they dragged the street tram
higgledy piggledy over its rails
uphill from the town centre.

After the horses bolted
the accountant was thrown from
the tram breaking his femur in
several places. He remained
bedridden for the rest of his life.

After the horses bolted
his eldest son, a new graduate,
gave up his Rhodes scholarship
the next son left university.
Both worked to support the family.

After the horses bolted
his two older daughters cared
for their bedridden parents,
the youngest went out to work, then
all married solid businessmen soon
after their parents’ early deaths.

After the horses bolted
the accountant died a few years
later, then his wife. The youngest
son at sixteen was sent to live with
uncle in a faraway city, worked as
a warehouseman all his life.

After the horses bolted
after the parents died the older
sons  sailed far, one to Australia
one to India. The sisters stayed
scattered around town, firmly
contained in provident marriages.

After the horses bolted
the youngest brother lived out
his life in his new far off city.

Previously posted November 2016

After The Horses Bolted

10 thoughts on “After The Horses Bolted

      1. I was glad the bolting horses didn’t also kill someone by running over them…that would of been another hard thing to remember. I also wondered what the photos were about…if they were of other women…that would definitely make you bitter. I like how your stories entwine throughout your poetry.

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      2. Thank you. No, Grandfather photographed bush landscapes out in the country, churches everywhere, and city scapes, including 10 yearly photos from the same point each time for the City Council.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. So he was off photographing his world whereas she had all the responsibilities..I guess he found it easier to film innate objects then deal with real ones.Too bad in the end -he missed out. It probably wore her out.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Very sad. But I doubt she would have trusted anyone. Her father died when she was twelve, Then her two older brothers shot off out of the country soon after her mother’s death seven years later. Of course they too had lost out badly. Such a sad mess, and none of the family’s doing.

        Liked by 1 person

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