These Moments That Matter

This sort of post needs to be shared as there are many more parents facing this as time goes on.

Ninja-Mam and Sons


My son is autistic.  I have an autistic son. There, I’ve said it. But it’s going to be ok… Isn’t it?

It’s not been formally diagnosed yet and we have many more hoops still to jump through to get it confirmed but it’s all making sense. After three years of struggling to find a therapist, in our very first session, the week before Christmas, he was amazed we’d not had an Autism screening done. To him, even though he said he couldn’t say one hundred percent, there were lots of very strong indicators. Oh, great – Happy Christmas to us!!

So since that day, me and ‘The Wife’ have been trying to get our heads around it, trying to get used to the idea and see how this now changes everything.

In my heart I knew. I felt it.. Things weren’t adding up. He had elements of different types of…

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These Moments That Matter

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