Sunshine Award

Thank you to for nominating me for this award.

You nominated me for “Dog’s Old Age” posted on 27 December 2018, saying you appreciated its spirituality.

How important is spirituality in your life ?
I think I find it in everyday situations with everyday people. If you can’t find it there you can’t find it anywhere. It has to be within us all the time, not separate or above us.

Where does your happiness come from ?
It comes from the everyday experiences and everyday people in my life. After several years of retirement I realise how much I used to rush through life, as did the people around me. It was hard for us to appreciate all we had.

Do I feel the divine in others ?
I am not sure how I do this. I do feel very strongly that  poetry should include children, animals, the elderly and the ordinary everyday mortals going about their ordinary lives.

What are your perceptions of self ?
I think I value myself, even when others feel I am not getting things right. Other people need to do this too, to become fully self aware.

How do I want to be remembered ?
I want to be remembered by friends and family for being who I am, not what others expect me to be.


I posted “Brownie” on October 9 2018, and you made really interesting comments on how to develop caring relationships between children and animals. It would be really interesting to read more of your views on this subject.



Sunshine Award

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