Busy Roads

In my paid employment
days I drove my vehicle
rapidly round town from
home to workplace to
supermarket to mall
to bank to vet with snuffly
rats then home again. Phew !

As I rushed around town
limited to roads – which other
cars used too ! – in front of
me these incidental nuisances
called pedestrians crossed
the road in front of me,
halting me by law ! When
I had so much to do !

As a pedestrian retiree
living simply on my pension
I walk to our shops,
walk around town when
disembarked from the bus.
Handy pedestrian crossings
aren’t always where I need
to cross the busy roads.

I wait for cars to let
me cross but often wait
in vain. So I step out
briskly through handy
gaps to cross the road.
Cars whiz past me at
supermarket entrances as
I sidestep along the kerb.

On our roads I am
without a car.

Previously posted September 2016

Busy Roads

12 thoughts on “Busy Roads

    1. I used to have rats as pets when I worked and had a larger house. I also had cockatiels, and both species fling lots of seed husks, and food crumbs. The rats also enjoyed peas but could not digest the skins so they used to toss those out of the cage too. I now live in a much smaller flat where I do not want to be constantly deluged with all this food matter so I did not replace either species as they died off. Both species were susceptible to chest infections if they got cold, and had to be kept out of draughts.

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      1. but you never adventured into lizards? Or frogs?..I think both at least in the smaller versions you have to buy live insects..crickets and such…I had to go and buy frozen mice once for a snake with vacationing owners…I saw a gray mouse in my bathroom last night…being it is but a rodent ..I will not list it as a pet…I’m hoping it will just go away! I bet your house was fun to walk into…

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  1. I walked in town when my car was being repaired and I felt like an alien. Now, living in a small town, many people walk and the sidewalks are in pretty good shape. I try to walk for exercise, but it doesn’t happen much in the blustery cold of winter. I have a stick-shift car for the economy of gas usage, but the older I get, I feel it in my joints. I didn’t think of that six years ago when I purchased it. We’ll see what happens. Nice poetry. We’ve always owned cats until last year or so.

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