Lady Who Lunches

I’m a lady who lunches
such a grand status after
years of work lunches
snatched at top speed.
Sometimes a fifteen minute
sit down with sandwiches
and caffeine but often
it was lunches on legs
with so much to do
between AM and PM slots.

Now I’m a pensioner with
a modest income since I
found no part time work
in our stagnant local market
with few new openings
for those over fifty years old.
I was lucky to work
till I was sixty four.

Retired former workmates
and I dine out each month
– if we go grand one month
we eat Chinese the next.
But lunch out costs less
than dinner out costs so
one day a week I’m a
lady who lunches in local
cafes eating chef prepared
meals in stylish surroundings.
Sometimes with friends,
sometimes alone, but more
classy than sammies and tea
on the couch at home.

Previously posted September 2016

Lady Who Lunches

7 thoughts on “Lady Who Lunches

  1. There once was a lady
    Who worked till she was 64…
    Now she can’t be missed
    For she lives in Bliss…
    Writing poetry…
    Eating sandwiches …
    Sipping tea and
    Swilling beer…
    Worked so very hard…
    Now things have changed…
    For the better…
    She awakes at noon…
    Goes to bed with the moon…
    Now lives as one of leisure…

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      1. Personally I prefer to get up early, I wake up quickly. Then I have a lie down / siesta after lunch when my metabolism slows down completely. I achieve lots in the morning, more of the routine mechanical stuff after my siesta.

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      2. O.K…Ok…did you notice that noon rhymes with moon…and ties in with the idea of leisure? I’m the same ..I clean houses for work..morning I like the best because I see all the details…by afternoon as a second house it’s just a little harder. Now I only clean in the mornings. Or I write or I work on my prints…I also didn’t think you swilled beer but it just seemed to fit with the sound of the words…I was just having fun…and my brain wanted to write something that sounded like a limerick.

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