Green Finches Crimson Bottlebrush

Watching the supple bottlebrush
stems with their crimson flowers
swirl wildly outside the living
room window, swishing, flicking
swaying on a windless day, I
puzzle at the frenetic movements
of these stems clad so densely in sleeves
of single hard sharp leaves.

Two green finches, matching
the green spiky foliage flit
into view, grasp the stems
beside the crimson flowers so
loaded with the nectar they love.
They grip tightly as they feast
reaching sideways to one flower
then hanging upside down to
gorge on the flower below. They
chirp shrilly to each other in
the excitement of exploring the
bush for its food, climbing from
stem to stem, bloom to bloom,
bringing the bush alive as they
devour its tasty bounty.

Previously posted August 2016.

Green Finches Crimson Bottlebrush

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