Letters To The Fairies

To the fairies who live in the trees and bushes along the fence by the living room.

Dear Fairies

Last week you did not answer my letter until two nights later !  So I will just tell you again that your letterbox is behind the chair in the corner o the living room near the ranch slider. I made it out of lego and you can see it easily.
I have started school now and I like writing letters. Claire wants to write letters too but she is not at school yet. Mummy writes her letters for her. I copy my letters after Mummy writes what I want to say.
Today after school I found some fairies bu Mummy says they are clematis seeds blowing in the wind. I still think they look like fairies.
I have put one in your letterbox. Please would you turn it into a real fairy ? And make it not afraid of me ?
I know which is your special  tree. our black and white cat fell out of it when he was a kitten. He is much better at climbing now.
Please answer my letter soon.

Love from



Dear Fairies

Happy birthday.

Love from


I am Chloe’s sister.

Previously posted July 2016

Letters To The Fairies

2 thoughts on “Letters To The Fairies

    1. Thank you. Maybe the letter was written on a leaf.. However these fairies have “staff” who are well trained to reply promptly. Otherwise “Chloe” creates a huge uproar at breakfast time. They now know to reply to the letters that night.

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