At The Cafe

The elderly woman
at the cafe counter
turned around to take
her coffee and walking stick
to a nearby table,
sat down slowly.
She greeted me,
happy to see me.

I remembered her
so youthful and bright
as we worked
in the same big
sociable office where
she moved easily, energetic,
eyes alert, hair luxuriant,
a vocal worker in
our vocal workplace.

She had returned to our city
to look after her
ailing elderly mother.
Now her energy was drained
her hair short, thin dull,
her body stooped
swollen by drugs
that could not save her.

Soon she would pass away
survived by the elderly mother
she could no longer care for.

Patiently, calmly, she
faced her ending
unable to fight it
gracious in defeat.

She passed away
a few weeks later,
aged 48.

May she rest in peace.

Previously posted April 2016.

At The Cafe

Old Lady

Old lady blood problems
old lady pills.
Tiny toes dangle
from huge balloon feet.

Stretch marks cross my shin bones,
feet and ankles vanish.
Old lady giant ankles
more old lady pills.

Old people clipboard forms,
old people ‘flu jabs.
All line the waiting room
old people recovery time.

Old lady walks to town
fit as fit can be.
Old lady taxi home
after two hours shopping.

In my mind
I am middle aged
but my body keeps doing
old lady deeds.

First posted April 2016.

Old Lady

Fitness Group

110% Sports Performance
proclaims the wall by the
centre’s front door.

All very well for determined
athletes, sports people.
Daunting to senior ladies
in their senior fitness class.

On the mats we lie flat,
stretch out, check mobility
in our joints, depth of
breathing, lie on our sides,
stretch legs, hips and arms.

Now to stand up. Ouugghh !!

Roll on to our sides, on to our
fronts, get up on all fours,
push up on our hands, stand.  Ouugghh !!

On to the day’s business
stretch muscles in legs, arms,
chests, shoulders, necks, torsos
till they ache and burn.

We know it is good for us.
We do our best, our 110 %.

Fitness Group