The Phone Call

Her familiar voice
sounds over the telephone
calling for a break
from her loneliness, again.
Across the city the daughter
at home near her professional
job is at a loss for words, again.

Until late marriage
the mother lived her life
at home ruled by her father
until his final illness, when she
went out to work at age thirty,
struggling in her new world.

Now her daughter is single,
middle aged, time for her
to settle down in her parents’ home,
look after them. This is the life
the mother knew, keeps hinting.
She is worn out after battling
marriage, husband, children…
……. and still lonely ….

As she grows older the daughter
has thought she will be able to
link with her mother, find
the fabled mother daughter bond.
“Come home now, it is time
for you to look after us,”
the mother tells her daughter.

And the daughter knows
they will never connect now,
whether she stays in the world,
or returns to her parents’ home.

Previously posted May 2016   

The Phone Call

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