On The Move

Mum picked up five year old
Michael after school daily, also
next door’s five year old Peter.
At home she gave them plain
sandwiches to last them till
dinnertime, not tempt them
to extra, though young Peter
strangely ate a lot. Then
the boys played till Peter’s
sister came for him, their
parents were home from work.

One day a FOR SALE sign stood
on Peter’s front lawn, soon after
covered by SOLD. His parents
were set to move by themselves
so Mum helped, her children
at Grandma’s for the day.

Going through town Peter’s Dad
picked up a rental key, Mum’s heart
sank as she saw that shabby rental
home after packing sparse contents
sparse larder at the previous house.

Late afternoon  she made sausage
and egg pie in her roasting dish,
took it to the new rental home.
She stared as two parents, three
children stuffed hot pieces of
pie in their mouths as she put
the dish on the kitchen bench.

For the working poor starve too.
The 1980’s boom bust cycle
scattered them by the wayside.

On The Move

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