School Days

At the teachers daytime course
Miss Jones saw a familiar face
gradually recalled a little girl
in a classroom twenty years ago.
Bright, alert, assertive, learning
easily, surely she would have
moved on beyond conventional
fields such as primary teaching.

Surprised at Miss Jones’ greeting
the young teacher did not remember
a school term in Miss Jones’
six year olds’ class Why did
Miss Jones remember her ?
Some children stay in a teacher’s
mind for their abilities, behaviour
personality. This young woman’s
abilities, personality, stayed
in Miss Jones’ memory.

“Where did it all go ?” the
young teacher wondered
to a stunned Miss Jones.

The young teacher recalled her
high school years, a sarcastic
maths teacher needling pupils
daily, overshadowing the rest
of the high school day………….

………. quenching energy and self
belief enthusiasm and confidence.

School Days

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