With two weeks to the end of
the school year the five and
six year olds walked along the
main road in their class lines
to the church hall to practise
for the school concert.

At the hall they ate their morning
snacks, went inside, took off their
jackets, sat down to watch each
other rehearse. When finished
they put on their jackets, walked
back to school in class lines.

With a mighty deluge the skies
opened half way back to school.

Back at school where they were
expected very soon there was a
rush to the car park. Principal
administrator, teacher aides
parent helpers, drove down the
road to collect the five and
six year olds out of the rain
drive then back to school.

Next day one parent complained
that none of the cars had seat
belts in the back seats. What to do ?
Keep young children safe or dry ?

Brand new changes were starting
in schools twenty five years ago.


3 thoughts on “Rehearsal

    1. Thank you. The strange thing was that all the people who drove their cars to the rescue had children of their own of varying ages, and all said they much preferred to get the children in out of the rain.


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