Daytime Sleep

Mum says two year olds need
a daytime sleep daily. Little
brother objects to this. So
much is going on outside his
room he wants to be there for it
all. How can they leave him out ?

The gate catch rattles, a car
drives in – Dad ? – Please !
He wants to see Dad. No.
That’s not Dad’s voice.
An unknown voice talks to
Mum. The car drives away.
Mum is busy in the kitchen.

Little brother calls to her,
talks from behind his closed
door. She leaves him there,
hoping he will give up, sleep.

Grandpa is more persuadable
but he keeps to his instructions.
Put little brother in his cot,
close the door. Little brother
talks loudly through the closed
door, calls excitedly when
Mum at last comes home.

When he keeps talking from
behind his closed door Mum
usually  comes and gets him
from his cot thirty minutes later.

Daytime Sleep

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